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Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

So you may or may not have been aware of a DTV slasher called Laid to Rest. I myself quite liked it and was pretty pleased to hear of a sequel in the works. Now let me first say that there is an unfair stigma against DTV film. People automatically assume that if the movie could not get a wide theatrical release then it must be awful. This is a huge misconception, especially in this day and age. Today Hollywood is very quick to write off anything that doesn’t have the hottest stars and a multimillion dollar budget. I understand that nothing in this world is free and that ya gotta have money to put food on the table, however art should never be compromised for a buck. The film industry of 2011 is set on making as much money as they can no matter the artistic cost. One huge reason that this is allowed to occur is the mainstream audience of today. They don’t want to see a well made, thoughtful film. They just want to see the latest blockbuster with hot stars and state of the art special effects. But I am getting off topic. Neither of the Laid to Rest films are thoughtful, well made films. They are just entertaining, gory slashers.

I am omitting the synopsis of the first film since I will review it at a later date. Not to mention this film pretty much picks up right where the last left off. Basically Chromeskull is back and now has a whole organization working with him including his right hand man, Preston, as well as Spann who is played by genre favorite Danielle Harris. The acting in this film is top notch, especially from Desperate Housewives’ Brian Austin Green, as well as Mimi Michaels who plays Jess. Jess is of course Chromeskull’s new obsession, he kills anything that gets in his way of her. We also have Thomas Dekker reprising his role from the first film. Dekker is a very talented actor that I enjoy seeing from the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, to the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Jess and Tommy (Thomas Dekker) are kidnapped by Chromeskull’s organization and must figure out a way to escape their impending doom. An interesting concept added to this film was the organization, and the character of Preston (Brian Austin Green) in general. Preston is constantly following in Chromeskull’s footsteps and it is obvious to see that as the film progresses he grows more and more bitter over not getting the recognition he thinks he deserves.  I won’t lie, I could definitely understand both sides of the coin. Preston really does assist Chromeskull in tying up loose ends, however he does it pretty sloppily. In the end the showdown is pretty fun to watch no matter who you side with. I actually clapped at one point.

Overall I liked the film, but it did have some issues. The kill scenes were so over the top and mean spirited. They just didn’t sit well with me. However, the more and more I think about it I might have judged to harshly. The whole point of these films is that Chromeskull is an unstoppable killing machine who just kills for no reason. The special effects were definitely top notch.  I did have a problem with a scene of him beating out a whole room of cops, especially because all 3 cops acted like total idiots. I did however approve of the ending, and am eagerly awaiting the 3rd. If you liked the first, or are just a Slasher fan I definitely recommend.


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